Abor Association USA is a Community of Abor People from Enugu State, Nigeria who live in Nashville TN.

Abor is a mid size town situated on the northern hill side overlooking Enugu City, the capital of Enugu State in Nigeria Abor association USA is an organization formed by a group of Abor indigenes living in Nashville, Tennessee.
It is a registered non-profit association. Abor association was formed in October 1996.

The association has been involved in a lot of social and developmental projects going on in Abor. We have organized a few social efforts geared towards attracting interest in the development of our town-Abor. We have continued to make that effort by involving other members of our town who are living in other cities in the United States.

It is our wish to make the association membership grow beyond just our people living in Nashville TN.


  • To bring all Abor people living in the USA together for a common course, which is the development of our town and people.
  • To Foster unity and peace among our people.
  • To promote Development and attract investment opportunities to our town.
  • To promote education and health care.